Timesheet Calculator

The Timesheet Calculator enables you to enter details of an employee's time sheet.

The start and finish times (Time In and Time Out) are entered, along with times when the employee is not paid, such as lunch, appointments etc.

Each day has inputs for Time In, Time out, lunch break and one more for other lost time.

The first day of the week defaults to Monday, this can be changed to suit your company.

Times are entered in hh:mm 24 hour format, if you enter 4 figures, e.g. 1234. this will be interpreted as 12:34.

Overtime options are relevant if the total hours is more than the basic hours.

Overtime rates are calculated against the basic rate, but these can be adjusted to suit.

This calculator also allows for night shift timings

Time sheets, attendance and disciplinary details are normally recorded by Human Resource Managers or Human Resource Staff though the HR function may be combined with other disciplines in smaller or flexible / lean / hybrid operations.

Basic Timesheet Settings
First day of the week Day the week commences, this can be changed to suit
Basic Hours Number of hours paid at basic rate
Hours above basic hours Select how hours over the basic hours are treated

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